ranveer singh11 - 10/01/2024

I pass my test first time

GURINDER KAUR - 24/12/2023

Irem fazal is very best instructor .her way of teaching is so good.i feel very comfortable with her.i recommend all girls and ladies if u want to pass test come to irem .thnx so much for give me brief knowledge about test.

Zarina Ahmed - 13/12/2023

Asif was the best driving instructor ever. He was very encouraging and kind and made me feel very comfortable. He got me to pass the practical test first time! He is very experienced and will be able to help you from whatever stage you’re at.

Shafayat kn - 10/12/2023

Had many instructors this is the best one , very patient and gives clear instructions on how to drive

Uh Hu - 10/12/2023

Brilliant. Highly recommended.

Tharun N - 10/12/2023

Nice instructor Asif, I passed my test in Godmayes.

Liya Raja - 10/12/2023

Just passed today and have to give it all to my driving instructor, Iram. Was 100% happy with all that I’ve been taught and was taught in the easiest way to remember. Many family members and friends passed first time with Iram. One of the best instructors about.

Aliur Zubel - 30/11/2023

Asif was really helpful, his experience and knowledge was clearly shown during my lessons with him.

kuriakose thomas- 05/09/2023

I wish to express my sincere Thanks to Mr. Asif. He is such a fantastic instructor. I passed my test on my first attempt thanks to his guidance. I strongly recommend anyone to go with MY Learner.

kaur gursimran- 25/08/2023

Im am someone who gets scared too easily and i used to be to nervous but asif helped me so much and all because of him i was able to pass on my first try ,he made driving feel so easy

bubacarr bojang- 28/06/2023

I rarely post reviews, but this one is deserved. I don’t even know where to begin because no words can convey how good of an instructor Asif is!! I passed today and I am over the moon 🤩 I was with Asif from start to finish. If your searching for an instructor who will pass you first time, STOP HERE. He teaches in a way that made me excited for every lesson. He made me feel comfortable when I was nervous and showed me tips that made things that I thought were hard, EASY. Thank you Asif

Mohammad Bhatti- 28/06/2023

Asif has been the best instructor, very clearly explained the rules of the road and tips and tricks to make driving easier and safe. I always felt confident and comfortable behind the wheel knowing he’s got my back and will fill any skill/knowledge gaps I have. Very good instructor 10/10 would recommend to all my friends

Daneyal Rehman- 17/06/2023

I just passed my test first time this morning thanks to Asif who has taught me to drive from the very beginning. I highly recommend this instructor to anyone who is looking to pass their driving test first time.

tangir miah- 09/06/2023

Having previous experience with other instructors, Asif is the best instructor someone can ask. He’s teaching style gives confidence and he teaches the proper way. Doing mock tests and making sure you’re ready 100% before taking the exam. I will always recommend him

Damilola Jayeola- 07/06/2023

Asif is an amazing instructor! I passed my test first time with him , after having failed 2 times already with other instructors. He is very constructive with his feedbacks which helps to know exactly where and how to improve. He’s very very supportive when it comes to any concerns you may have and I particularly found it useful that he encouraged me to ask questions and explain why I would do certain things. It really helped me understand that my actions had to be intentional.Thank you for being great Asif and I would definitely recommend MyLearner as your instructor.

Bhrugu S- 06/06/2023

Asif is really a great instructor he will help you to drive safe. Listen to him he will guide you properly. I’ve passed in first attempt, thank you Asif. I will definitely recommend Asif for those who are looking for great instructor

haad jawed- 05/06/2023

Asif is a very dedicated and professional instructor who cares alot for positive results of his student. Although I was a new driver, but I passed the test in 1st attempt after taking classes from him. He is very friendly and relaxed teacher and have an effective method of transferring driving skills to his students. I would definitely recommend MYLEARNER to others !!

Ricky Dam- 04/06/2023

I had an incredible experience learning to drive with an exceptional instructor. Asif’s patience, calmness, and genuine kindness made every lesson enjoyable. Asif took the time to explain concepts clearly and provided constructive feedback in a supportive manner. Asif’a composure in any situation on the road instilled confidence. His positive attitude created a welcoming environment where I felt comfortable. Thanks to his expertise, I passed my driving test and developed the skills to be a responsible driver. I highly recommend him for an exceptional learning experience.

Harwinder Singh- 03/06/2023

I would highly recommend My learner driving school to anyone wishing to learn and pass to drive. They are very helpful right from booking lessons to helping book an exam and teaching. Asif is very polite and won’t talk rudely when you do mistakes. His teaching method is excellent.He knows exactly what to teach and how to teach. He is very polite

Gurpreet singh- 12/03/2023

Great experience with most valuable driving learning skills. Highly recommended for driving learning and get practical test pass earlier.

Lili Tampu- 14/02/2023

Asif was exceptional! He had a gentle and professional approach, clearly explaining every detail about driving and road safety. He was always available for questions and made sure I felt comfortable behind the wheel. I learned a lot and felt much more confident after each lesson. He had an effective teaching method, covering all the important aspects of driving and providing constant and constructive feedback. I appreciate that he was attentive to my needs and made extra efforts to help me improve my driving skills. I confidently recommend this driving instructor to all beginners or even experienced drivers who want to improve their driving skills.

Qudratullah Mangal- 11/12/2022

I passed first time with MYLEARNER after being very nervous on the roads. The instructor was very helpful in his teachings and I increased my confidence quickly. He is very patient and will make sure you pass as a confident driver. Would 100% recommend to anyone looking for an Manual instructor!

Jenil Goradia- 02/11/2022

Incredible instructor. He gauged initially the level of driving I know, then took me to the different routes, roundabouts. Explained to me the mistakes I made and how the examiner will see it. Sometime you think mistake pointed out by him is very minute but examiner can give you a fault for it. He pushes for you to be well prepared. Make mistakes with him so you can be ready. He calmly explains things. We took mock test and that helped a lot. Definitely will refer him to those who wants to pass the exams.

Finan H- 01/11/2022

Asif is a very skilled and patient driving instructor who focused on my areas of weakness and really improved my driving skills. Passed first try!

Amritpal Singh- 17/10/2022

Thank you so much asif without your help I Wooden able to pass the test.

Hamza Faryad- 05/08/2022

I passed my driving test in first attempt with “Asif”. I had a great experience and highly recommed to asif as a instructor.

samir alam- 05/08/2022

Very good instructor! Passed first time, very supportive and guided me through the whole process.

Matteo Gjeloshi- 02/07/2022

Very calm, polite and available instructor. Teaches you the basics of driving to make sure you pass first time round. If looking for a driving instructor would strongly suggest Asif.

Sk Rana- 16/03/2022

Asif is the ideal instructor for anyone looking to learn and pass quickly. He was very honest from the start and gave me cheat codes for driving that i will be using forever. I have had instructors in the past but he was able to teach me in a way I understood, would highly recommend him for someone who wants to learn driving quickly and efficiently 👌🏼

Sergiu Aparatu- 11/03/2022

highly recommend Asif as instructor, is real professional and extremely patient, he teach me everything that helped a lot for passing driving test. thank you.

liaquat fazal- 18/01/2022

Thank you asif for your teaching. I really am pleased to pass first time. Thank you so much

Wajid Karim- 15/01/2022

Passed my driving test with asif first time. I really enjoyed the whole process. Asif is really patient and chilled and makes his teaching extremely easy. Many thanks MYLEARNER.CO.UK

Taohid Miah- 12/01/2022

Passed first time, Asif is a great instructor, he is friendly, patient and understanding. He has helped me with some extraordinary quality of teaching and all I had to do was just trusting him and the process.

Ali Hussain- 01/12/2021

I would recommend Asif to anyone who wants an instructor who provides a professional service with clear communication. He proactively worked with me to develop my driving skills, improve on my weakness and boost my confidence such that I passed first time! He is a 10/10 instructor any day.

Laela Rahman- 10/11/2021

I’ve had 4 driving instructors in total and Iram was by far the best. Didn’t take advantage and was a great teacher. I passed first time, couldn’t have done it without her support :)

John O- 08/11/2021

Excellent instructor and all around great guy. Asif the reason i managed to pass, i highly recommend his services.

ruhena rahman- 05/11/2021

I had the best driving experience with Iram. She’s the best instructor ever!! I passed first time with 1 minor. She truly made my driving experience so easy and fun!! We may have chuckled a lot during our lessons as my commentating is hilarious apparently 😂. Would go through all my lessons again if it’s with IRAM! 🤗😊

Aliur Zubel- 03/11/2021

Asif was really helpful, his experience and knowledge was clearly shown during my lessons with him.

Annam Yousaf - 01/11/2021

I absolutely enjoyed my experience learning, very good at their job, and very professional, id definitely recommend this 💯 🙌🏽😀

John Wint - 17/09/2021

Asif great instructor , helped me to best driver I can be. To this day , I’m grateful for everything I learned during my lessons. I can say Asif he a good instructor and makes you enjoy the lessons too . You made a me a great driver and it’s three years since I passed my test
Location: Leytonstone

Ewa Harvey- 31/08/2021

100% recommended best instructor ever

Az Ahmed- 31/08/2021

When I first started to find driving instructors, I called a few but was not really impressed or they did not seem bothered about teaching me as they kept saying we are too busy. Through recommendation I called Asif and I was absolutely impressed with the service he gave. Even though he also stated he is very busy, but he explained the reason and said to me to give him a few days and he would see if he could fit me in. After 2 days I got a call back and he managed to fit me in. From then it was onwards and upwards and Asif was a fantastic instructor taking his time and effort. I passed on my 1st attempt. Absolutely recommend him anytime to anyone.

Faiza Akram Rehmani- 31/08/2021

Asif is very professional and calm driving instructor, he focused on my weaknesses and helped me improved so much to pass first time ! Thank you Asif

Maryam Malik- 31/08/2021

Asif is Very professional, Dedicated and experienced driving instructor. Found him very halful and approachable. Very supportive during driving lessons and even he sat with me during my driving test which is found so helpful

Aqsa Yousaf- 31/08/2021

Asif is a brilliant driving instructor, very patient and relaxed. Lessons felt comfortable and I was able to progress at my own pace. Asif helped me to pass my driving test first time and has made me a really confident driver. I highly recommend him as he has taught me amazing skills to become a safe driver and to help overcome my nervousness. Best instructor ever i highly recommend

Neela Ramchurn- 31/08/2021

Very good instructor! He is very patient, supportive and would recommend to learn from him. 👍🏽

Arulvani Ravichandiran- 31/08/2021

Asif was an amazing instructor. He was very patient and made the effort to help me with things I struggled with. I never felt like the time we spent was wasted. If you don't want to waste time and money he's definitely the instructor for you.

Gurjinder singh- 31/08/2021

Today i m passed my driving practical in Godmayes centre. Thanks you so much Asif. 😊

Anghel Leo- 31/08/2021

Passed 1st time with him!

Afshaa Khan- 31/08/2021

I passed with Asif, I am extremely happy with the level of professionalism whilst teaching. I was finding it a bit difficult understanding some areas in driving. He broke down key pointers and explained it in a calm and professional manner that was easier for me to understand.

Karim Souami- 31/08/2021

Very easy going with just few lessons I get my driving license in the first attempt, if I did it you can as well. The brother is a professional teacher and the way he presents the tasks are very simple and very comforting that why the improvement of driving was very visible just after two lessons I was very confident and relax.Thank you brother and God bless.

Aliur Zubel- 31/08/2021

Asif was really helpful, his experience and knowledge was clearly shown during my lessons with him.

Asma t- 31/08/2021

Asif is a very good instructor, explains everything really well

yo kydz- 31/08/2021

Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test the 1st time. The quality of teaching and support is un-matched. I feel so confident on the road, on my own. I cannot recommend it enough.

Sew Desi Style Anniee Yousaf - 31/08/2021

I absolutely enjoyed my experience learning, very good at their job, and very professional, id definitely recommend this 💯 🙌🏽😀

Soniya Gazi - 31/08/2021

Passed the first time thanks to Asif. He is an excellent teacher and is very good with exposing things.

Abhi L Ranasinghe A - 31/08/2021

My experience with Asif was stellar. He was very knowledgeable and patient. He followed me through my driving journey and gave me then skills and confidence to finally pass the driving test - I could not be more thankful.

Mehtab Yousaf - 31/08/2021

I did my driving lessons and i enjoyed it passed first time.

Mátyás Gyuricza - 31/08/2021

I can wholeheartedly recommend Asif. Very professional , skilled instructor. Passed first time with him, thank you again Asif . Good luck

Aadil Hussain - 30/08/2021

Asif is an amazing instructor. Very patient and explains everything well. Passed first time no issue)
Location: Ilford

Maqbool Ahmed - 28/08/2021 is often the first answer for anyone looking for how to get driving license in UK,This is because of Mr.Asif he will explain the driving skills in so practical and easy way that you will feel like a cup of tea.He is just so practical in his ways of explanation. Perfect for new learners and candidates who have fear of driving, i highly recommend Mr.Asif for driving lessons for all the browsers. (Maqbool)
Location: Barking

Qasim - 26/08/2021

Asif took me on as a fairly new driver, and explained everything to me in detail making sure I understood everything very clearly . Understanding is very helpful as it then allows you to apply it more easily. He was a very good instructor and gave me all the tips and tricks to pass first time. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Goodmayes

Iram Ali - 25/08/2021

I learnt with Asif in 2017 and passed in the first attempt, alongside my siblings and many friends. He was very patient, particularly when mistakes were made. He would ensure I understand why the mistake was made and how to improve. He was also very honest of my progress and whether I was ready for my test. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a patient and honest teacher. Thank you Asif! @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Walthamstow

Prince alam - 23/08/2021

Throughout out my driving journey Asif was very patient and polite with me . He always picked out key details of my driving and made me a better driver every single I had . He did not waste any seconds and put his 100% efforts . @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Barking

Leonardo - 23/08/2021

Fantastic instructor!
Before meeting Asif, I had failed with another instructor in Chingford. The difference between the two was huge. Asif has a positive mindset and will let you do things without being on your toes all the time. His energy is so calm and easy, it really made the difference. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Barking

Summya sohaib - 23/08/2021

Well mannered, polite and very professional instructor. Highly recommended. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Barking

MUHAMMAD SOHAIB - 23/08/2021

Excellent instructor
Location: Barking

Daniel Smithson - 22/08/2021

I did driving lessons with the AA, BSM and Bill Plant I took 6 driving tests and failed them all for small things, I wanted to try a different driving instructor company, Asif was with R.E.D at the time. He specialised in tbe Goodmayes route, he sometines gave me snacks after some lessons were over, and he never shouted at me or made me feel very bad when I made loads of driving errors in the lessons. I passed my driving test first time, when Asif became my driving instructor and I highly recommend him to any new driver. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Dagenham

Abdul - 21/08/2021

Asif is a incredible teacher, he did not waste any time and made sure i got the most out of each lesson. I passed my test the first time round with barely any mistakes. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: East london

Faiza - 21/08/2021

Amazing instructor. Felt very comfortable. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Ilford

Syed Danish Ali - 21/08/2021

Great soul Mr.Asif I remember my time I was struggling with roundabouts and he made me explain in a way that no Instuctor would. I changed many instructors before Mr.Asif but they were all time ticking clocks. He is passionate and full of knowledge. I passed my test and referred him to many others and trust me they all are on road. Would highly recommend him without 0.01% doubt. Good luck to all. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Wanstead

Khalid Hassain - 21/08/2021

Best one
Very clear with explanation. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Ilford

Sahim - 21/08/2021

Asif was an excellent instructor, very calm and allowed for mistakes but will ensure you know why you made the mistake and how to improve on it. Our whole family have used him and passed! @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: London

Haroon batcha - 21/08/2021

Very brilliant
He is a very good instructor even i pass my test first time He is very friendly Love his training method. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: ILFORD

Hassan - 20/08/2021

He is the top of the instructor in the London area.he is very kind , humble and trusted person I have met ever. I really appreciate his participation to my driving test .I passed my driving test first time under his training. Much recommended. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location : Barking

Humza Ahmad - 20/08/2021

I had a great experience during my driving LESSONS! Especially on key maneuvers and parallel parking. Fantastic job, and Asif is great instructor!! @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: London

Simran - 20/08/2021

"Asif is a Great Teacher"
I learnt with Asif in 2019 after a poor experience with another driving instructor. Asif was a great teacher, very calm, patient and friendly. He made me feel very confident in my driving and I passed my test first time soon after. Would definitely recommend learning with Asif!! @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Newbury Park

Ubaid Choudhury - 20/08/2021

Just passed my test in the first attempt. I had my lessons with Asif. He is a wonderful instructor and he is very patient. By explaining every step of the way he really gave me the confidence to drive safely. I would 100% recommend Asif to anyone, (I referred to him to my friends and they are happy with him as well). I can fully say that without Asif's help and guidance I wouldn't have passed my test. Thank you Asif! @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Ilford

Ibrahim - 20/08/2021

Best driving instructor avilibile in east london
Only positive things to say about the instructor. Allways stays calm Friendly Never looks at timing Will pass most likely on your first go. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Ilford

isbah hussain - 20/08/2021

Highly recommend!
Asif Fazal was very patient when teaching me how to drive. He was very honest about my progress and when it would be the best time for me to book a test. Very friendly and always had good conversations, the driving lessons were never boring and never felt stressful, he made me feel very at ease as a learner. Would highly recommend if you need a teacher that is very calm, comfortable to talk to and helps you pass your test. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Barking

Anthony Brady - 20/08/2021

I highly recommend Asif as a driving instructor! Having had some lessons prior to the Covid lockdown with another driving school and instructor. I felt I wasn't making the necessary progress so contacted Asif. From our very first phone call was extremely polite and professional. I explained my current driving level and the fact that I already had a practical exam booked. Asif reassured me that he would work with me and do everything possible to get me ready for my test. On our first lesson he assessed where I was at, and then really put so much faith in me. I never felt uncomfortable or that Asif wasn't ready to jump in and help should it be needed. My lessons varied from week to week due to work commitments however he remained flexible and always accommodated me. In what was a relatively short period Asif got me ready and confident in driving a manual car and ultimately, I passed my test first time! Asif was cheaper than the other instructor I used and without question I feel that me passing my test first time I completely down to Asi. Thank you both and I wish both you and your future pupils nothing but the best. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Leyton

Daniel raducanu - 20/08/2021

First time pass
I just passed my Driving test first time with Asif as my Driving instructor Many thansk Asif FOR al your help i would recommend Asif to Any one who is interested in taking Driving lessons. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Goodmayes

Cedrick - 20/08/2021

Perfect for beginner
Felt comfortable throughout the whole process of learning to drive with Asif. Took me from a beginner to a theory and practical first time pass and haven't had any problems with his teachings thus far. Thanks @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: London

Chudary adeel arif - 20/08/2021

Highly recommended. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Good mays

Faiza Adeel - 20/08/2021

Excellent experience!!
I had great experience with my Driving Instructor Mr Asif Afzal. Passed my driving in first attempt. Highly recommended.. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Goodmayes

Mariam - 20/08/2021

Asif was amazing! He helped me pass in a short amount of time and got me ready for the test efficiently and effectively! His calm and helpful manner will help you pass first time! @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Ilford

Talal - 20/08/2021

Asif was great! Passed first time because he made it really fun and easy to learn. Highly recommend! @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Ilford

Mizanur Rahman - 20/08/2021

Was really honest and good at what he does passed first time round with one minor now recommended my wife to take lessons with him as he knows what he is doing not like the rest. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Manor park

Sophie - 20/08/2021

Great teacher
Asif taught me and gave brilliant driving lessons. I had learned previously years before but hadn't learned since moving to London in 2015. I passed within 2 months of having lessons with him, and also went through pass plus which was really helpful. Definitely recommend! @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Wanstead

Zaki Rasul - 20/08/2021

Great reacher
Great teacher I passed first time because of him. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Ilford

Ashley - 20/08/2021

Super instructor
Very patient, knowledgeable and clear with directions. Learnt around area I was being tested which was a great help. Very reliable. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: London

Yasir Kokab - 20/08/2021

I passed my Driving test while ago. It was nice experience to have my lessons with Asif. He was always nice and kind. Even few times I made silly mistakes nearly hit someone but he never lost his patience. Asif was very dedicated and sincere Many of my friends and family passed their tests with Asif. He was well known by test centre staff. He was very helpful throughout all the time. He was never late or cancelled the lesson. I still remember one day before my test he had a problem with his car but he did not let me down. He borrowed a car from some other instructor. I passed my test on that car. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Ilford

Sarab - 20/08/2021

Asif was very helpful and patient with me during the lessons. @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: Ilford

Mariam - 20/08/2021

The most amazing driving instructor ever! Passed on my first GO! Passed his number on to my cousin and she also passed first time round.. genuine individual who explains everything with so much patience.. BOOK HIM GUYS! He is best at what he does! @ MYLEARNER DRIVING SCHOOL
Location: East London




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